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Venue & Facilities Management

Specialists in Building Management and Operational Services

Venue & Facilities Management

The Guildhall Trust management team has extensive experience managing a wide range of West End and provincial theatres and arts centres, drawing their expertise from Commercial Theatre, Local Authority, Corporate Management, Food and Beverage and Retail.

Today’s management have never been more challenged in running their venues, seeking solutions to a range of issues including the need to diversify their income and reporting to key stakeholders.

We know the importance of maximising bar, catering and all secondary revenue streams and have established relationships with leading suppliers across breweries, caterers, ticketing systems and much more. We are a solutions driven management, knowledgeable across several aspects of the business.

Facilities and Financial Management Services

Reduce some of your office costs. We offer a wide range of packages to suit your business need including financial and accounts management, facilities management, project management and much more…

We can offer support on all aspects of:

  • Building Maintenance & Development
  • Daily Operations
  • Capital Projects & Renovation
  • Health & Safety Legislation and requirements
  • Contract & Supplier Negotiation and Management
  • Financial Services – Payroll, Invoicing, Management Accounting


We work with major promoters, producers and agents in the UK to successfully programme one of the largest concert venues in the South.

We understand what is appropriate for all types of small, mid and large-scale venues and are experienced in programming music, comedy, classical, theatre, drama, dance and family entertainment.

We also produce major music and community events and comedy festivals, our flagship event being Portsmouth Comic Con – International Festival of Comics. Attracting visitors from across the UK and abroad, we programme international guests and a wide range of interactive entertainment.

We have increased footfall at Portsmouth Guildhall by 120,000 people in just 6 years. Let us connect you and support your journey to increase your footfall and diversify your programme.


Successful marketing combines an awareness of the product and its potential audience, utilising a vast array of tools including social media to print campaigns. Our people have worked across the UK.

We offer insight and advice on everything that is essential to running a successful venue, promoting a successful event and raising the profile of your organisation so that it attracts more attention.

Conferencing & Events

Our philosophy at the Guildhall Trust is to increase revenue from daytime use without compromising the artistic integrity of the organisation. Maximising revenue is of primary importance to all venues and utilising our expertise to develop a strong conference and room hire offer will enable your venue to thrive.

From recruiting and training an effective sales team to creating the right brand and packages that will appeal to community and corporate business, we can support you in all areas of development.

We can offer our expertise on operational requirements, building your client base, food & beverage, margins, sales training and more to help your organisation succeed in this lucrative market.

Portsmouth Guildhall

Portsmouth Guildhall is the primary Events and Conferencing Centre in the South of England.

With a packed entertainment programme of world-class live music, comedy, classical, dance, family shows and a popular public events programme, there is something for everyone to enjoy within the historic and iconic 2000 seat venue in the heart of Portsmouth.

By day, Portsmouth Guildhall offers a wide range of activities, workshops, groups and courses through its active ‘Get Involved’ programme for the community and changing programme of exhibitions.

The grandeur and history of Portsmouth is something to behold. Only the outer walls and tower of the original 1881 Town Hall building survived a WWII raid on the city in 1941, with the venue rebuilt and reopened by HM Queen Elizabeth II as a Concert Hall in 1959.

The Guildhall Trust has been the sole operator of Portsmouth Guildhall since 2011, transforming the business model and sustainability of the venue against a backdrop of successive public sector funding cuts, making the Trust one of the most efficient and effective managements around.

Specialist Venue Management

Extensive experience across the Cultural Sector