Cultural consultancy at the Guildhall Trust.


Consultancy support for your organisation


The Guildhall Trust is a leading cultural management that recognises the need to generate revenue whilst producing high quality cultural events and engagement, against a backdrop of public sector funding cuts. Most of all we understand and value culture.

With vast experience of setting up cultural trusts, opening and developing venues, producing large-scale public events and fundraising, our team has an excellent track record of building business whilst delivering cultural value.

Business Planning & Strategic Development

Utilising our broad base of experience, skills and knowledge we can advise on strategic, operational and tactical planning for your organisation and help establish your core purpose, vision and values.

We can assist you with business and financial planning, research and audience development.

We offer a creative but pragmatic approach to your business.

Setting up a Cultural Trust

The Guildhall Trust understands cultural value measured against the reality of funding cuts and the challenges our communities face in today’s world.

Our management has been at the heart of establishing cultural trusts. We can help all parties navigate their way through Partnership and Funding Agreements as well as key legal documents such as leases.

Combining strong ethical management and practise with commercial know how, our ability to increase revenue against a backdrop of reduced subsidy has made us one of the most efficient and effective managements around.

Strategic Partnerships

Through access to our established network of strategic partners such as Hemingway Design, White Light and Benedetti Architects, The Guildhall Trust can aid your business development, capital projects and design and planning processes.

HemingwayDesign is a multi-disciplinary design agency led by two generations of the Hemingway family and a wider team of talented designers. You name it – we can design it. Our real speciality is with people and places. We work (amongst other things) across placemaking, urban design, affordable housing, landscape planning, masterplanning, cultural events, public art, installations, place branding, place promotion and regeneration but really all of these come down to one thing – listening to people, bringing communities together, defining a shared vision and then making it happen. And we are bloody good at that, in fact: There is no other agency in the UK that can match the breadth, scale, quality and impact of what we do.

  • We help places to believe in themselves again
  • We unearth creativity
  • We give a voice to people who never thought they would be heard
  • We bring people together who should have been together all along
  • We get under the skin of a place to uncover its personality
  • We come in, we meet people, we ask questions and prod and provoke and have a think and have a laugh and a whole lot of ideas come out – from communities, from people, from our team, from your team – and then we make them happen.

In 1971, five friends working at London’s Royal Court Theatre decided to quit their jobs and follow their passion for theatre lighting. As such, they formed White Light – a hire company that would supply lighting fixtures to theatre shows. Shortly after this, they were asked to supply a six‐week run of a new production called The Rocky Horror Show. These six weeks soon turned into six years with the play transferring and becoming an international smash. WL supplied every single performance and quickly forged an unparalleled reputation of being able to supply the entertainment industry with the very latest technology.

Almost 50 years later and WL’s beginnings remain a perfect example of what the company still is ‐ constantly seeking new ventures, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and operating ahead of our time. Over the past five decades, our offering has evolved and we now supply a range of technical solutions including lighting, audio and video to a variety of markets, such as broadcast, concert touring, leisure and corporate and live events.

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