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Venue Catering, Bars, Pre-Show Dining and Hospitality


It can be challenging getting the correct mix of dining and hospitality. Over many years working in theatre, both in the West End and provinces, we have seen our fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. It is never as easy as it looks, and we’ve learnt to adapt bespoke packages and promotional materials so that the customer never gets bored of the offer.

We can help you develop your own catering and hospitality offer or discuss alternative arrangements based on some or all of the following options:

The Square Kitchen

A rustic daytime offer featuring great coffee, square pizzas, cakes and grab and go options for all tastes. This can be established in most front-of-house areas without the need of a dedicated kitchen.

Pre-Show Dining

If you manage a venue with kitchens we can work with you, creating a bespoke food offer which maximises revenue whilst maintaining good margins. Our ‘Comedy and Curry’ brand has been hugely successful over several years. Alternatively, our two-course dining offer is good quality, easy to prepare and serve. Customers can be in and out within the hour.


Pre-show hospitality offers customers the VIP Treatment. This is easy to set up and manage in most front-of-house areas. A steady income whilst also developing customer loyalty.

We offer staff training and can advise on recruitment. We know how important it is to offer first class service.

Develop a Successful Food & Beverage Offer

Maximise this highly profitable income stream

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