Look at the vision and values for Portsmouth Guildhall Trust


The core purpose, vision, mission and values
of The Guildhall Trust


The Guildhall Trust is a values-led organisation, this is what we stand for:

Our Core Purpose:

To deliver inspirational opportunities so that people want to engage with culture and the creative economy.

Our Vision:

The Guildhall Trust will become a leading cultural organisation which places our communities at the centre of everything we do so that we can inspire, entertain and transform lives.

Our Mission:

The Guildhall Trust is committed to investing our skills and resources so that we can deliver cultural and learning experiences of the highest quality whilst becoming increasingly more resilient and sustainable.

Our Values:

  • To Educate – to promote the arts and our heritage to support local education through performance and creative participation
  • To Inspire –  to inspire our communities through our work and our passion for culture.
  • To Collaborate – we work and develop partnerships so that we can achieve more together.
  • To Develop – to develop our people so that they contribute more towards our success.
  • To Diversify – to develop and diversify our offer,  developing our audience and engaging with our community.

Our Clients

Some of the clients we’ve
worked with in the past